This program sorts out files that can work on the Playstation 3. Images, Video, Themes, Music, Updates and Savedata can all be used in this program.
The program can be changed to handle more files and folders just by editing the settings.ini file.

You can change this program to handle a completely different range of files and folders by editting the settings file. (means
not just for the PS3 (maybe MP4 players, sorting files out all sorts)
This is an upgrade of PS3FilePlacer v2.2.0 . It now has the following updates

All Changes click link below

It again checks for updates on the 25 till the end of each month.


V2.3.1 (The settings.ini file will need one thing changed) --- v2.3.1 (COMING SOON) --- v2.3

V2.3 (The settings.ini file will work from version 2.1) --- V2.3 (reg needed) --- V2.3

V2.2 (The settings.ini file will work from version 2.1) --- V2.2 (reg needed) --- V2.2 (not 100% uptime) --- V2.2

V2.1 (The settings.ini file WILL NOT work with version 2.0 or 1.0) --- V2.1 (not 100% uptime) --- V2.1

V2.0 (The settings.ini file works with version 1.0) (no support now sorry) --- V2.0 (reg needed) --- V2.0

V1.0 (this is the first version that was released) (no support now sorry) (reg needed) --- V1.0