Firefox (browser)

FireFox is just like IE(Internet Explorer)but a whole lot better if there's a bug you can almost bet someone else knows about it and working on a fix. If theres a exploit it get's fixed a lot quicker than IE. Mircosoft is scared of Firefox as more people are switching (time to show mircosoft what the customers want without having all the junk we don't).

OpenOffice (Office)

Do you like Office on your laptop or PC but don't want to pay for it but still want the legal route then download OpenOffice as its free and ran by donations (even by companies). It will open every office format and save in a ton more (as some people don't use office). I use it and i recommend it!

Avast (Antivirus)

Avast is antivirus software that is free to Home Users (sorry companies it is still cheap though). The virus book is almost updated daily so you are one step closer without getting a virus. This is CPU friendly so its not going to slow your pc down and has a high precented of getting files back if a virus got to it before Avast. The program will even watch your internet taffic so it can stop most ways from comming in to the pc and stop it from being downloaded.


Zonealarm (Firewall)

Zonealarm is a free Firewall for basic users but if you want to pay for it to get the best firewall possable (norton is going downhill plus slows computers down). When you go to the site it can be hard getting the free version, But i do recommend going for the full version (prices on site) as it has Firewall, Antivirus, SpyBocker, Adware and more.


Iobit (Tweaks)

iobit's programs like Advance care is a nice program which i noticed an improvement just after one the one click care button its very simple to use. the other program they have where i noticed a improvement of an extra 40fps in games was Gamebooster and all that did was stop a few tasks running which im not going to use while in the game like timecheck or windows update etc.